Jothryn Whippets

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UK, Swe, Dan Ch Adagio Crowdstopper x Dainty Dollie at Jothryn

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"Harriet"  Jothryn Bjorne Again at 5 and 7 weeks 7 and 8

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"Aura"  Jothryn Bjorne to Party at 8 weeks 5


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"Arwen" Jothryn Bjorne to be Wild at 8 weeks 6

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"Tigger"  Jothryn Bjorne to Win at 6 weeks 4

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Sweet Harlequin Tara.  First day in her new home with Moira

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Sue and Amelia Bunney, Aura's wonderful new family.


These lovely ladies are planning a fun-filled life for our sweet Aura, she will be competing in Obedience as well as becoming a super Show Girl.


Have a happy life Bracken, you will be so loved

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"Giles"  Jothryn Bjorne to Love at 9 weeks 3

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"Tara" Jothryn Bjorne Free at 8 weeks 9

"Tin Tin" Jothryn Bjorne for Paris at 8 weeks 10

stefan harriet (640x397)





Arwen striding out... 13


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Tin Tin has gone to his new 5 star Show Home in Stafford with Alan Hall

He will be in the company of Alans other whippet boy Kane...he will love his new home

Alan began with a love of greyhounds in 1997 with his first dog Westbake Band, finished in racing greyhounds in 2006 with Westbake Jazz who was his most successful clocking an awesome 28,10 still not beaten. At the time he started with greyhounds he bought his first two whippets Zac and Kane followed by Tim, Leo and Paco. Began showing in 1999. He is showing Kane with some success and is looking forward to campaigning TinTin who fingers crossed can emulate Kane.

Harriet and Giles......our two Keepers


Harriet and Tara


Sleepy Tara


stefan7 (640x290)

The puppies in their lovely new homes....

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Harriet and Tara

tintinand Kane (597x426) stefan harriet (640x397)

NEWS...... we are delighted that our gorgeous Arwen will be going to join her sister Tara with Conrad and Moira. They are so thrilled with Tara ( even though she has "helped" them with the gardening) they want a whippet each to cuddle !


So pleased Arwen has found her forever home with such a lovely couple


As they walk in the same hills we enjoy with our whippets we will meet up for puppy parties

Giles and Harriet ....our two new show puppies

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The stunning Bruce now named Tigger will be living with Gemma Knott, Gemma has Eventing horses and Tigger will be travelling to shows and enjoying the country life with her.


tin tin and Kane (187x194) tiger jothryn (478x640)

Gemma's Dad who sadly is poorly and finds speech difficult always smiles when he is happy and just look at the smile with Tigger on his happy he brings such joy